Notification of UrubeVillage’s expansion of free Wi-Fi

Large group of people · Good friends 2 ~ 3 families · 3 generations family can stay at the same time in one building UrubeVillage concept, we have lots of guests thanks to you.
Although we have installed facilities so that free Wi-Fi can be used in all buildings in the past, three buildings (2, 5, lodge) by the management building are equipped with Kiga easy Wi-Fi installed in the management building Although it was using, each bedroom other than the living · dining · terrace is blocked by the thick log of the log house, the radio waves are weak, and depending on the model of the mobile it can receive complaints that free Wi-Fi can not be used was.
Also, as more customers are added, at the same time more people connect to free Wi-Fi, the phenomenon that it becomes difficult to be connected has also occurred.
In order to solve these situations, we have expanded Wi-Fi facilities on August 20th.
For the three buildings near the management building, Wi-Fi routers were installed in each building as well as the other five remote districts so that you can enjoy free Wi-Fi anywhere in the room. In addition, the main router of the administrative building has also been expanded to a router for business use, and at the same time we have been repaired so that 100 people can connect to free Wi-Fi.
With this Wi-Fi facility expansion, we are expecting no claim for free Wi-Fi in the future.