Completion of renewal of the entire front terrace of the management building!

Before the management building of UrubeVillage there was a large terrace as a place to conduct BBQ in a large number of people, but due to aging and no roof, corrosion and aging of the foundation part were progressing. We use it as a place where a large number of groups of 15 to 16 or more people can carry out BBQ through all of them, but even if we calculate it as 60 kg average per person, it will cost more than 900 kilograms, depending on the number of people will be weighted more than 1 ton , I decided to renewal completely (rebuilding) this time.
Although I could not make it in time for the high season of summer, I did a sudden construction by making it in time for the excursion season in autumn, and on September 1, I used it for BBQ of 19 groups, and gave it a bridge!
It was even larger than the previous terrace, so more groups with more than 20 people can sit comfortably. In addition, because it is made with a transparent polycarbonate roof, even if it rains suddenly, BBQ can be implemented comfortably without worrying about rain! !

For groups of adults staying at the lodge, you can use for groups of more than 15 to 16 adults who stay at the same time at 2 or more at the same time.
Because it is for large number of people, it is BBQ with “propane gas + large iron plate” method instead of char-fire system. (@ 500 yen / person)
Since it is limited to one pair per day, please contact us in advance if you wish to implement BBQ on the front building terrace.