■ Arrangement of the condominium ■

Urube Village has three types of accommodation facilities, Large Log Houses (No.1 to 6 buildings):capacity of 12 to 15 people, Consolidated Log House (No. 7 and 8 buildings) :capacity of 8 people) and Lodge :capacity of 24 people.


There are 6 Large Log Houses, and the capacity is 12 to 15 people (2 bedroom and Japanese bedroom).
Can be used by six or more guests.Ideal for large groups, 2 or 3 different families, or multi-generation families.

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The consecutive building Log House (1 building) is available for 4 people with a capacity of 8 (2 bunk beds x 2 x 2 rooms).

This log house can be separated in two, making it convenient for situations where separate bathing or sleeping is preferred.

 Ideal for small groups of men and women, two close families, or multigenerational families.

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The Lodge can be used from 15 people, with a capacity of 24 people (4 people × 6 Japanese style room).

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Introduction of each condominium

Management office

Management office

Building 1 (Yamasemi):Large Log House

Building 2 (Oruri):Large Log House

Building 3 (Kakko):Large Log House

Building 4 (Akagera):Large Log House

Building 5 (Kibitaki):Large Log House

Building 6 (Fukuro):Large Log House

Building 7 (Yamagara) & 8 (Komadori):Townhouse-Style Log House(Capacity 8 people)

Lodge(Capacity 24 people)