The furniture that is prepared

Urbe village condominium complex has all the following items.

Various things are prepared so that it is easy to spend.

Please bring the next one!

Pajamas, Towels, Bath towels, Toothbrushes and toothpaste)
(When cooking, please prepare ingredients, drinks, condiments and cooking oil)

Fixtures list

Electronics Large LCD TV, Large refrigerator, Teapot, Electric vacuum cleaner, Water heater, Heater (FF style : gas stove), Emergency Flashlight
Kitchen Equipment Cooking Utensils
Microwave, Electric Rice Cooker, Toaster, Pot (plural), Frying pan (plural), knife, Cutting board, kettle
Shimadaji, Otama, Fly back, Towel cloth, Food wrap, Kitchen scissors
Dietary Supplies
Chopsticks, Fork, Spoon, Rice bowls, Miso soup bowl, Western dish, Bowl, Small dish, Japanese tea cup, Glass, Coffee cup
Bathroom Bar soap, shampoo, Conditioner, Dryer, Mirror
Other ・Slippers, Cushions, Hanger, Tissue paper
(One toilet is a shower toilet)